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Purchasing Art

The Studio Shop offers art objects for purchase that are exclusive to the shop. We have worked hard to curate select items at a reasonable price point that we really hope you enjoy. Each month the shop has new items added, so check back often. If there is a drawing or print that you are interested in but don’t see available send me a quick email and we will see what we can do.

For Paintings, Works on Mylar and Commissioned Sculpture, use the contact form below. Please add the name of the piece you are interested in, on the subject line. I will direct you to my partnering galleries for specific works. For commissioned work, contact the studio and let us know what you have in mind. We look forward to beginning a conversation with you about creating a new work of art specifically for your space.



When purchasing work from the Studio Shop, shipping is ALWAYS free for US collectors. For International Shipping rates will be calculated during the final purchase.

For my partnering galleries, shipping will be clearly marked, if it is an additional cost.

Commissioned and Installation work shipping and install costs are determined individually.

shipping outside the US:

Yes, I do ship out of the United States. Please note it will take time. If it has been two weeks and you still haven't received your work, it could be that it is being held up in customs. Sometimes international orders can take up to 4 weeks, even if it's being shipped to Canada or Mexico.

If it's been more than 4 weeks since you've received the shipping notification, please email me at lkellart (at) or use the form below.


which work do i choose?

The work of art you purchase should be a timeless addition to your life. Buy what you love and it will always look (and feel) great in your space! Any questions, concerns or do you just want to connect? Email me below.

What does a particular work of art look like in my space?

If you are interested in purchasing my work but are unsure how it will look, there are two things you can do. First, measure the space you want to hang the work and make sure you choose the right size piece for your space. Second, you can send me an image of your space and I will Photoshop the chosen piece into it. Just email me an image in the best light possible.


I really love the Three Dimensional Paintings in Space! Tell me more!

I have made wall sculptures as small as 1 foot square up to large gallery installations. If you think you are interested in either purchasing a permanent custom piece or commissioning an installation, permanent or temporary, contact me below. I relish discussing new projects.

For room-sized installations (Paintings in Space-Rooms), I generally make sketches and do a site visit, corresponding back and forth with you. Send me pictures and a floor plan with notes about your space. These are site-responsive works. Once I am installing in a space, the final outcome could be different from the preliminary sketches. THAT is the exciting part of these works. They truly are a collaboration between the space, the artist and the materials.


To Frame or Not to Frame?

I prefer to hang works on paper without a frame, because you can get up close and see all of the wonderful details. My preferred method is to hang a work with two nails and two small round magnets. If you purchase my work, detailed instructions will be included.

Select limited edition prints are mounted on aluminum using archival methods and come with a gorgeous hanging mechanism on the back.

I have partnered with a great framing company that does quality archival work. In the Studio Shop most items have a framing option. These works come to your door already framed and ready to hang and packaged carefully so as not to be damaged in transit.


Commissions, Installations, projects, and Paintings in (your) space:

I love to work on unique projects in any kind of space. Contact me using the form below with your ideas and we will see if we can work together.



If work purchased from this website arrives damaged please email me as soon as possible.
Take pictures of the packaging and the damaged work and send them to me in the email.
I will use these pictures to file a claim with the shipping carrier. I will then send you a replacement print.

Work purchased from my representing galleries must go through that gallery’s return policy.
Contact me, if you need assistance.

The work of art doesn't match my decor, can I return it?
Due to the nature and delicacy of the work, all sales are final.



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