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What is given

Oil Paintings


What is Given

Oil Paintings

on wood (multi-paneled dimensions variable; 17 x 22 inches; 14 x 11 inches)

on gessoed paper (12 x 12 inches)

What Is Given is a series of oil paintings that take the well-used utilitarian object and transforms it into an emotive landscape. I have long been interested in the histories of the most mundane objects, the significance they hold and the meanings they convey. With these paintings I want to impart a semblance of that emotional terrain, turning the object with all of its age and imperfection into a panorama that conflates still life with landscape.

This series of paintings uses antique embroidered linens as their subject matter. The pillow cases, napkins, sheets and tablecloths made up a trousseau of delicately embellished home-wares to be passed down from one generation to the next. Hand made and crisply starched and folded, one can sense the expectations of what’s to come. In these paintings, I wanted to create a landscape of expectation. A sense of the pervasive emotion that takes hold.

The more recent multi-paneled paintings allow me to create shapes that form new relationships with the painting and the object being painted. I intentionally leave a divide between the wood panels, incorporating the crevice into the composition.


Works on Paper: