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Embroidered Thread on Paper


Thread Drawings


Drawing with Thread
Embroidered thread, acrylic, gouache on paper.
12 x 12 inches each

For these thread drawings, I wanted to recreate the delicate structure of lichens, moss and other organisms found deep in the woods and stretched across rocks. These systems take years to form and are imbued with gorgeous colors and patterns. Embroidering through paper and building up layers of knots replicates what nature does so effortlessly.

Layers of french knots are constructed from thin sewing thread, slowly building up the surface until subtle dimension is achieved. I work on these until the thread takes form, permeating the paper without destroying it. Each knot is made with precision, accounting for the delicate nature of the paper and the desired result.

The unexpected surprise is what occurs on the back of these works, which reveals a pattern made without intention and allowing for chance to play a role in the work. Each Thread Drawing is really two works on one piece of paper.