Lisa Kellner_Along The Way_Oil, Acrylic, Flashe, Embroidered Thread on Silk over Wood with Recessed Wood Structures_ 38 x 54 x 3 inches_2.jpg

This Land,

Our Land

Oil Paintings


This Land, Our Land

Oil Paintings

on wood Panels (11 x 14 and 17 x 22 inches)
on gessoed paper (12 x 12 inches)

This Land, Our Land is a series of oil paintings that take the well-used utilitarian object and transform it into an emotive landscape. I have long been interested in the histories of the most mundane objects, the significance they hold and the meanings they convey. With these paintings I want to impart a semblance of that emotional terrain, turning the object with all of its age and imperfection into a panorama that conflates still life with landscape.

For This land, Our Land a well-worn and faded American Flag (circa 1969) is painted not as a still life composition but rather a stand in for a rolling landscape of crevices, hills and rough edges. This well-used object symbolizing Americanism has a story to tell. My paintings are the mechanism for revealing the story of this land, a land that belongs to ALL of us.