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The Walls were paper thin

Wall Installation


 The Walls were Paper thin

Wall Installation
”The Mansion Project”
Paul Robeson Gallery
Rutgers University, Newark, NJ

Curated by Anonda Bell, this group exhibition addressed the Mansion in Newark NJ, its rich history and current dilapidated state. I was invited to participate and created a wall installation for the exhibition. The piece consists of a wood frame constructed to replicate the exact floor plan of the mansion. It is filled with thousands of strips of paper creating a wall effect. In the 19th century and earlier, people would use anything they could get their hands on to create installation in their structures’ walls, including paper and horsehair. Recycling was a natural process motivated by lack of resources and the belief that all materials could be used and used again. This work addresses early ideas of consumerism, resourcefulness and how, like the mansion itself, those ideas have become outmoded today.


Mixed Media Installations are custom made for the space and exhibition theme I am invited to be a part of. While they are site-specific, these works consider the curator’s vision and my own interpretation of that vision. Each work is hand made by the artist for a particular space and individual needs. Purchasing price is determined by the size of the space and the scope of the work. I work with each client to determine their needs and budget. For exhibition inquiries, a site visit, the curator’s theme and specs are necessary to determine the specifics of the installation. For each institution or venue, I want to ensure that my site responsive installation will engage the audience in a multitude of ways. Click on the button above to start a conversation about these works and to learn more about the process.