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Surfacing Beneath

Multi-room Site-responsive Installation
that grew over 6 months.


 Surfacing Beneath

Multi-room site-responsive installation
Installed and added to throughout the exhibition period.
Brooklyn Arts Council
Brooklyn, New York

I was invited by the Brooklyn Arts Council to install site-responsive work in their office and gallery spaces. This piece incorporated wall drawing and painting, quilting pins, embroidered text, hand formed and painted silk constructions, mono-filament, glue and thread into the public spaces. An awareness and sensitivity as to how the space flowed and was used became integral to the composition of the work. Over the course of six months, I would revisit the space adding to the piece so that it grew and expanded in an organic fashion. Individuals experiences this work by walking under and through it. The accumulation of shapes created by light and shadow were integral components of the work.


Mixed Media Silk Constructions are custom made. I hand shape, sew and paint the entire piece for a particular space and individual needs. Purchasing price is determined by the size of the space and the scope of the work. I work with each client to determine their needs and budget. For exhibition inquiries, a site visit and specs are necessary to determine the specifics of the installation. For each institution or venue, I want to ensure that my site responsive installation will engage the audience in a multitude of ways. Click on the button above to start a conversation about these works and to learn more about the process.