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Love is a Place

Paintings on Mylar


 Love is a Place

The works in this series address the logistics of place, the events that happen there and the memories that linger.  They examine the moment when opposing forms collide.  I began with the premise that the continual modification of the American landscape embodies the aesthetics of the purest form of Land Art.  Drawing from precise points on the earth, these paintings speak to the physical and emotional characteristics of a place in transformation.

In these combined drawings and paintings on Mylar, forms abstracted from nature interact with shapes configured by man.  These interactions occur all the time:  in the mold growing on subway tiles or subdivisions carved out of existing woodlands and farms.  To make these works, puddles of raw pigments and paints are integrated with thousands of tiny hand drawn circles, merging an unruly practice with a controlled one.  Through this process, a continually shifting relationship between domination and coexistence permeates the surface.  Taken one further step, i often use water from creeks and the sea to create the fluidity of the pigments and paint across the Mylar.

The use of Mylar enables me to play with translucency and both sides of the two dimensional surface.  In addition, I am perpetually interested in the juxtaposition of a square within a rectangle and how to confront the pictorial surface in new ways.  The titles are derived from favorite E. E. Cummings poetry and my own thoughts on a particular place.



with Kate Singleton
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Recent Exhibitions:

“Outside the Lines”
Post Office Gallery
Truro, MA

Buy Some Damn Art
Curated by Kate Singleton

Surface Consumption
solo exhibition
Gallery 263
Cambridge, MA


The Paintings:

Pigment, Water, Ink, Hand Drawing on Mylar
22 x 25 inches each


Installation Views: