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Inner Urban Sanctum

Four Room Site-responsive Installation


 Inner Urban Sanctum

Multi-room Site-responsive Installation
”Here and Now”
Curated by
Transformer Gallery
Location: Condemned Building
Washington, DC

I was invited by Transformer Gallery to create and install a multi-room installation in a downtown city warehouse building. The building had a long history of being a department store, a church, a warehouse, a car dealership and a crack den. Washington DC was undergoing an inner city “revitalization” where abandoned, dilapidated buildings were being transformed into Whole Foods and Starbucks. I was given the top floor of this four story building which was an apartment of sorts. The cement floors had holes and the roof leaked. The walls were covered in mold and mildew. This provided all kinds of inspiration to utilize pristine ethereal materials and merge them with this rooting space. No crevice or corner was left unaffected. I worked in situ sewing together and incorporating the forms into the broken walls, floors and ceilings. Two weeks into the exhibition, the city closed and officially condemned the building, thereby closing the exhibition for good. A month later we were given an hour and a half to remove our work and get out. Interestingly, the building is now a Bed, Bath and Beyond.