Im plant

Recurring Site Responsive Floor Installation


 Im plant

Site-responsive Recurring Floor Installation
Created and Installed in multiple locations since 2008

Hundreds of silk pods are hand painted and formed using silk, pigment, air, water and the sun. The pods are filled with air and hold their shape regardless. With each installation, I begin anew, creating pods specifically for a certain location. I stack them on top of each other challenging gravity and their own emptiness to keep them in place. The pods are reminiscent of blood cells, jelly fish and breast implants. I have installed this work in many locations since 2008.


Mixed Media Silk Constructions are custom made. I hand shape, sew and paint the entire piece for a particular space and individual needs. Purchasing price is determined by the size of the space and the scope of the work. I work with each client to determine their needs and budget. For exhibition inquiries, a site visit (or floor plan) and specs are necessary to determine the specifics of the installation. For each institution or venue, I want to ensure that my site responsive installation will engage the audience in a multitude of ways. Click on the button above to start a conversation about these works and to learn more about the process.