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Blank Canvas

Conceptual Sculpture


 Blank Canvas

Conceptual Wall Sculpture
Solo exhibition
”Bringing on the Aither”
Hunt Gallery
Mary Baldwin College
Staunton, VA

Blank Canvas is a conceptual piece addressing the proverbial blank canvas that every artist must address. For this work, first installed at Mary Baldwin College, I created the shapes using an actual blank canvas. Then I removed the canvas leaving only air in its space. The emptiness of these canvases further emphasizes the point. The ethereal nature of this work allows one to see right through the “canvas”. In addition, I embroidered text on these “canvases” which cast delicate shadows that further assert their meaning.


Mixed Media Installations are custom made as part of the solo exhibition I am creating for a particular space. While they are site-specific, these works consider the exhibition as a whole and the specific work’s interaction with the other pieces in the show. Each work is hand made by the artist for a particular space and individual needs. Purchasing price is determined by the size of the space and the scope of the work. I work with each client to determine their needs and budget. For exhibition inquiries, a site visit and specs are necessary to determine the specifics of the installation. For each institution or venue, I want to ensure that my site responsive installation will engage the audience in a multitude of ways. Click on the button above to start a conversation about these works and to learn more about the process.