About the Artist:

Lisa Kellner makes paintings that embrace light, shadow and dimensionality. Her work explores the spatial concerns of painting, how painting is defined and experienced. Lisa’s use of materials and methods allow her to explore beyond the surface, of the canvas and the world she lives in. Nature is her greatest teacher. The primary lesson being that the quietly bold endures and insight is found through collaborative contrast.

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Articles, Reviews, Quotes:

Review of solo exhibition, Surface Consumption.
Boston Hassle: “WENT THERE: Surface Consumption Finding Equilibrium in Expression.
By Maryam Raad

“With an unparalleled level of self-awareness, Lisa Kellner’s artwork explores the particular struggle between running wild and restraint. In a serene Cambridge corner, Gallery 263 is currently home to the artist’s latest exhibition, Surface Consumption. Kellner’s painting, embroidery, and sculpture seek unity within the volatile relationship between control and chaos.”
— Maryam Raad; Boston Hassle. Boston, MA
“Merging patterns and colors from nature with the human penchant for order and symmetry, Kellner’s ethereal paintings on silk and her site-specific installations capture the intangible, lyrical quality of space and expand the vocabulary of painting.”
—  Suzette McAvoy, Director & Chief Curator, Center for Maine Contemporary Art

Article about a Painting in Space, Always Into Now.
East City Arts Reviews: Always Into Now at the Torpedo Factory
By Eric Hope

“It is as if the artist teased the pigment off a canvas, artfully stretching it in midair for a brief moment in time before it snaps back into place. Color as the sole remnant of memory would likely please Kellner, as in the end this is the very definition of a painting, making Kellner the latest, modern embodiment of a painter.”
— Eric Hope, East City Arts; Washington, DC
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Since 2006, Lisa has been creating and installing site-responsive room-sized installations throughout the United States. Along with these Paintings in Space, Lisa has worked two-dimensionally, painting on translucent Mylar and stretched silk canvases. She enjoys the interplay between the sculptural works and the wall works, finding that one way of working informs the other. Prior to this, Lisa worked as a mural painter in New York. Her sense of scale and love of altering a physical space is infused into the work she makes today. In 2014, Lisa moved to a small island off the coast of Maine where she is surrounded by woods, sea and the wind. Here, the natural world permeates every moment, seeping into one’s consciousness and one’s work.


Exhibitions, Awards & Reviews:


2019 Works on Mylar, Buy Some Damn Art, Brooklyn, NY (online gallery based in Brooklyn)
2018 Surface Consumption, Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA
2016   Always into Now; a Painting in Space, Target Gallery, Alexandria, VA
2014   Silent Space; Ward Center for Contemporary Art, Petersburg, VA
            Chamber One; Ascent Contemporary, New York, NY
2013    Bringing on the Aither; Hunt Gallery; Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, VA
2011    Love is a Place; BravinLee Programs, New York,NY
            Skin Deep, Miles Wide; Cecelia Coker Bell Gallery, Coker College, SC
2009    Suspended Presence, Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, MI
            Surfacing Beneath, Brooklyn Arts Council Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2008   Inner Urban Sanctum, Providence Art Windows, Providence, RI
2006   Plain Matters, Quirk Gallery, Richmond, VA

Solo Exhibitions:


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2018    Brooklyn Artists,  J Collabo, Brooklyn, NY
2017   Materiality:  The Matter of Matter, Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Rockland, ME
2016    The Space Between, JoAnne Artman Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA  
            Scribing the Void; ODETTA Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2015    Access Art; Brooklyn Arts Council, Brooklyn, NY
2014   Holiday Fair; Ascent Contemporary, New York, NY
2013    ADAPTATION; Project 4 Gallery; Washington, DC
2012   CMCA 2012 Biennial; Curators Suzette McAvoy, Daphne Anderson Deeds, Center for Maine Contemporary Art, ME
            Space Invaders, Curator, Karin Bravin, Lehman College Art Gallery, Bronx, NY
            The Mysterious Content of Softness; Curator, Stefano Catalani; Cornell Fine Arts Museum, Winter Park, FL
            _____Scape; Curator, Susan Main; The Metropolitan Center for Visual Arts, Rockville, MD
2011   In Season, Project 4 Gallery, Washington, DC
           The Mysterious Content of Softness, Curated by Stefano Catalani, Bellevue Arts Museum, Seattle, WA
2010   Art on Paper 2010 Biennial Exhibition, Curated by Xandra Eden; Weatherspoon Museum, Greensboro, NC
           7th Annual Transformer Silent Auction & Benefit, Transformer Gallery, Washington, DC
            Multiplied Within, Curated by Sky Kim, Able Fine Art, New York, NY
            Unraveling Tradition, 516 Arts, Albuquerque, NM
            Let There Be White, Birey Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
            Emergence, Curated by Brooke Hine, Bahdeebahdu, Philadelphia, PA
            Drawn To It: The Art of Drawing, Amherst Street Gallery, New Hampshire Institute of Art, Manchester, NH
2009   Phantasma, Tarryn Teresa Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
            The Mansion Project, Paul Robeson Gallery, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ  
             A Proposition Ate My Marriage, LMCC Swing Space Residency, New York, NY
            The Body Politic, Brooklyn Arts Collective, The Jungle, Brooklyn, NY
            Clamoring to Become Visible, Brooklyn Arts Council, Brooklyn NY
            Fluid Identity, Howard County Center for the Arts, Ellicott City, MD
            Postcards from the Edge, Visual Aids at Metro Pictures, New York, NY


2019 Kate Singleton, Interview with Buy Some Damn Art; April 2019
2018     Maryam Raad, Boston Hassle; November 2018
2017     Jamie Rogers, Artist2Day United Kingdom; January
2016     Dorothe Swinkels, Textiel Plus Magazine; December.
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2014 Gallery Interview; Ascent Contemporary.
Artist Focus; MISC Magazine.
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Art Experience New York Review of "Space Invaders", Lehman College, Bronx, NY; Curated by Karin Bravin
Bravin Lee Projects, NY, NY .
2011    Joey Veltkamp, The Mysterious Content of Softness/BAM, Best of, A Northwest-centric Art Blog, March 21.
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2009     Molly Kimelman, Weighty topics, The Grand Rapids Press, December 17.
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              Mike Giuliano, Five local artists conspire to reveal ‘Identity’, Howard County Times, Feb. 12.
              Esther Kim, Q & A with Artist Lisa Kellner,  Maryland Art Place On- line Newsletter, Winter.
              Kriston Capps, Reviews:  Washington, DC ‘Here and Now’, Transformer Gallery, Sculpture Magazine, Jan/Feb.
highlike Book; Work included in publication.
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Washington City Paper, May 20.
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Jennifer Landis, Opinion: I Dream of Genomes, The East Hampton Star, March 26.

Selected Reviews & Articles:


2016 Semi-finalist, Joan Mitchell Emerging Artist Award
2015     New Media Invitational Award, Target Gallery at the Torpedo Factory, VA
2012     Artist Talk, VisArts, MD
              Visiting Artist, Slippery Rock University, PA
2010     BRIC Media Art Fellowship, BRIC Arts, Brooklyn, NY
2009     Swing Space Residency, Lower Manhattan Cultural council, New York, NY
              Finalist, RGASA Exhibition, NY Studio Gallery, New York, NY
              Semi-Finalist, Trawick Prize, Bethesda, MD

Selected Awards, Residencies, Talks:



2008                Master of Fine Arts - Lesley University College of Art & Design, Boston, MA
2004-1999    Concentration in Drawing and Painting - School of Visual Arts, New York, NY   
1999-1996    Concentration in Drawing and Painting - Art Students League, New York, NY
1997                Mural Painting - Pierre Finkelstein Studio, New York, NY
1987                Bachelor of Science - Boston University, Boston, MA