I paint landscapes.  In my work, 'painting' and 'landscape' are conceptual in nature and experimental in process.

Landscapes, whether man made or natural, have always fascinated me. Show me a craggy, decaying space wrought with history and I will explore it, both on foot and in my work.  I feel an urgency to immerse myself in these places, and translate what is so captivating about them, before they are totally gone. The landscape can also be an intangible space.  Ethereal in nature, this type of topography is filled with memories and thoughts acquired from living.  My paintings focus on activating a landscape of memory while portraying a lyrical sense of space.

As a painter, there is nothing more satisfying than the smell and feel of paint, and dealing with the elusive white canvas.  Yet, my work addresses the notion of what a painting can be and how we participate as viewers.  I paint in both two and three dimensions, using a variety of methods and mediums, in order to capture that moment when opposing elements converge.  By merging these disparate components, my challenge is to distill experiential space to its very essence, and discover the silent place.

Lisa Kellner has created and installed room sized installations and two dimensional works throughout the United States since 2006Her work has been exhibited at the Bellevue Arts Museum (WA), the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (NY), the Brooklyn Arts Council (NY) and the Weatherspoon Museum (NC), among others.  In addition, Lisa has worked with galleries including Ascent Contemporary (NY), Project 4 (DC), Bravin Lee Projects (NY) and Tarryn Teresa Gallery (LA).  Her work has been reviewed in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post and Sculpture MagazineLisa recently created site responsive installations at the Cornell Fine Arts Museum (FL), the Center for Maine Contemporary Art (ME), Lehman College Art Gallery (NY) and the Target Gallery at the Torpedo Factory (VA).

Lisa has lived in Australia, Jamaica, and Western Europe.  Travel and exploration remain an integral aspect of her life and work.  Lisa received a BS from Boston University.  For nine years, she was a mural painter in New York. She continued her studies at the Art Students League and the School of Visual Arts in New York City, focusing on drawing and painting.  In 2008, she received an MFA from Lesley University’s College of Art and Design.  As a long time New Yorker, Lisa currently lives on a small island off the coast of Maine and New York city, immersing herself in lands of extremes. 

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